Culinary traditions in Gotland


Culinary Gotland Gotlands fantastic ingredients are created by people and passion. Diligence and expertise combined with its lime-rich soil permeate just about everything which comes from the island, and has come to characterise the Gotland culinary experience.

The islands lambs graze on wild herbs and rocket, infusing the meat with character, while its many hours of sunlight give the early vegetables extra taste and sweetness. Gotland´s culinary craft features a wealth of flavours which draw inspiration from all corners of the world, with local ingredients in focus. Its selection of unique restaurants and cafés increases every year, and the islands countryside is home to many gems well worth the journey. The selection of restaurants in Visby is vast and the town is a Mecca for first-rate restaurants with White-Guide write-ups.
Gotland 2016 A hidden gem in Sweden

Gotland is the member of Culinary Heritage European Network
On the web-site you will find the member regions, recipies and a lot of other intersting information.

Welcome to Culinary Gotland!

Please click on ”Culinary traditions in Gotland” to get more information about our Culinary Heritage.
Culinary traditions in Gotland

This information has been produced by the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Society ( Hushållningssällskapet), which is the coordinator of Culinary Heritage Gotland network. We hope to inspire by relating the roots in the past and showing the possibilities in future. We aim for retailers, producers, restaurateurs and tourism entrepreneurs to high-light Gotland’s culinary traditions during 2013, as Gotland has been appointed Culinary Capital of Sweden this year . We hope that you will all do your utmost to make 2013 a memorable year.
The  ” Food and Experience” project may be developed and extended further. All products based on our culinary traditions have not yet been invented. Only our imagination is the limit.

Gotland has become a member of the network Culinary Heritage Europe due to the influences  of our regional food traditions in daily life. The aim of the network is to promote and stimulate development of local entrepreneurs, This includes restaurants, farming and processing of foodstuffs as well as fishing(both locally and internationally )with a clear regional signature and an intent to develop the cuisine of the entire region Even farm shops, offering locally grown produces of high quality and local specialities may become members of the network. The Culinary Heritage chef’s hat is a sign guaranteeing quality of regional food in Europe .


This is a book published in cooperation with publishers ICA Bokförlag and the Gotland County Agricultural Society, In the book Marita Jonsson relates the history of the magnificent landscape of Gotland and Fredrik Malmstedt and Laila Löfkvist provide the recipes. Bruno Ehrs is the photografer of all the wonderful illustrations.
The county governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård and the chairman of the Gotland Agricultural Society’s administrative committee have written the foreword to the book  ”A taste of Got-land”. The foreword ends with these words: ”Taste our special dishes! The recipes of this book are all composed of local produces, typical of the island and with feelings , only a master chef can express. Let the food and the illustrations give you an experience of something different and original”. Some of the recipes of this book are presented on this page by Riina Noodapera, rural advisor of the Gotland Agricultural Society.

Gotland culinary heritage and some recipies


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